The Receptionist – 26 hours to dance through time

"The Receptionist – 26 hours to dance through time", published by Chance Edizioni, is the new novel by Alessio Vagaggini.

Ana de Saint Juic starts working as a night receptionist in a renowned hotel in Alicante when, suddenly, she is sucked into a magic whirlpool out of time and space. Three cities and as many dreams chase each other in 26 hours, during which life takes on ever more authentic and profound features.

We will encounter Montse, Cemre and Clara, who, like waves, will approach and move away from Ana, making her dance in a limitless dimension between reality and imagination.

“I would call it an existentialist novel because individuals choose their path and are not driven by ideas that overwhelm them (career, success, politics). “The Receptionist” also represents a clear tribute to Buddhist philosophy, whose ability to “awaken” our most balanced and wise part is an excellent therapy in a society that runs too fast – declared the author. Placing female main characters at the story’s core is a clear reference to my debut book (La Patria di Itzurza – Itzurza’s Homeland)) as if to trace a common thread that links the events from a structural point of view. In this novel, the main context is always Spain, whose dimension extends to modern Constantinople and Istanbul, and on the other side, it crosses the Atlantic to reach New York. Then it gets lost again in the heat of Andalusia”.

Alessio Vagaggini was born on December 25TH of 1991 in Arezzo. He lived between Italy, Belgium and Spain, dealing with international projects and European institutions without neglecting his passion for literature. He worked in the human resources of the European Parliament in Brussels, currently manages the European projects of the association USMA Padova and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Padua teaching “EU project management workshop”. With Chance Edizioni, he published “La Patria di Itzurza”, Rome, 2021.



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