Café Concerto

Café Concerto started as a monthly Instagram live project during COVID restrictions, curated by Inês Villadeprat Teixeira, and soon its success gave a chance to many artists, musicians, dancers, to perform both online and on stage.

Video Trailer of Café Concerto live shows.

As a child, Inês Villadeprat Teixeira already liked to offer her family her homemade performances. It was while watching the movie Moulin Rouge that she discovered that whatever she did at home had a name and could be done as a way to make a living: Musical Theatre.

Her heart would still be split between Music and Basketball for a while after that, but the passion for Music and her cousin’s example would end up leading her towards the first.

Inês Villadelprat, her cousin and first singing teacher, with whom she shares name and surname, would convince her to follow through with her artistic path. Since then, besides Public Relations and Communication, Inês studied lyrical singing and Musical Theatre, and never stopped acting nor taking part in workshops and trainings related with her first love.

During the second lockdown in Portugal, while stuck at home, she decided to use her free time to connect with other fellow artists and help them in broadcasting their talents. 

Café Concerto started as a monthly Instagram live including an opening song by Inês herself and three to five guests, among musicians, actors, dancers, who would share their experience, their projects and their art with the audience for an unlimited amount of time.

While considering that the use of technology was her main challenge, the creator reveals all was made possible with just a cell phone, a computer, a speaker and a ring light.

The main difference between the two formats, she refers, is the fact that “in person, you get to feel the audience’s energy when it’s happening, while online you can’t hear their voices nor their applause”.

Both have advantages, though: while limiting your performance space and not allowing for the “truer” connection with an audience that in person performances enable, online shows don’t feel as exposing as the previous, which might be beneficial for shyer artists.

In the meantime, by using all her talents to promote other people’s, Inês started using her project as a support platform for those wishing to follow her artistic career path, promoting sessions about how to choose the best school to study the craft or how to prepare for an audition.

The project has meanwhile developed into a way to hire the services of the associated artists and a TV show, that took the original Instagram live format into a local broadcaster, with a weekly session that keeps the essence and name of the original Café Concerto.

From home concerts for her family to talk show hosting, she has come a long way, one that, as paved with success as it is, for sure has still a lot more talent to discover and share.



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