Writing as an overused and underlearned craft

Quentin Görres is a content writer based in Athens, originally, he was born and raised in Munich. Who knows these two cities will know that two cities could hardly be more different. This and many other antitheses shape Quentin’s creative prospects.

Painting by day, dancing by night

Ana Pais Oliveira’s daily work is quite special: she is a painter by day and a dance teacher by night! Ana works with art galleries and develops assigned projects, reserving her mornings and early afternoons for her atelier work. In the afternoon and early evening, she dedicates herself to her other passion, teaching Ballroom Dancing classes to groups of all ages.

Handcraft as a sharing knowledge

Carla has no particular artistic background, however she has always had a strong enthusiasm and aptitude for manual arts and all kinds of activities that involve creativity. This bug appeared relatively early and in a very organic way: around the age of 8/9 she learned to use a sewing machine, as well as to crochet, embroider and knit.

Joana’s story in a world of/(ap)art

Joana’s creative path started in the family auditorium, progressing through the church choir, in which she still sings today, the Gólgota amateur theater group, and subsequently the Music Academy of Paços de Brandão, where she studied music for 5 years. Her favorite part has always been singing and when she was 18 she joined a garage band and later co-founded two acoustic duet projects.

Cadu Cinelli and his remarkable dedication to art

Cadu Cinelli is an actor, visual artist, storyteller, theater director, artist, and educator with a long educational career that includes a master’s degree in Human Geography, a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts and in Arts Integrated in Education.

Flying Piano

A unique event with a piano player floating in the air over the Tempi Valley to promote the natural heritage in the area of Central Greece.

(Re)Thinking upcycling: Novo2novo

Novo2novo is an atelier in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, where people share creativity and learn crafts by giving a new life to old objects.

Medals of the struggle

The Numismatic Museum in Athens opens its new exhibition “MEDALS OF THE MATCH”, for the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Liberation Revolution.

The Nutcracker

The GNO Ballet presents The Nutcracker in an impressive new choreography by the GNO Ballet Director Konstantinos Rigos.

Visualizing humanity

“Visualizing humanity”: the first project by the Network of Contemporary Culture Museums of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports”