Kinetic Bodies / Corpi prospettici

Dance performance “Kinetic Bodies”, part of the program of the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” held in Padova, Italy.


Organi Interni (Internal organs) is a “poetic anatomy“. The collection analyzes 5 internal organs: brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidney  in an introspective way –

Journey to the Past

Created in 1996, “Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria” is a cultural and historical recreation event of the local Middle Ages settings.

Flying Piano

A unique event with a piano player floating in the air over the Tempi Valley to promote the natural heritage in the area of Central Greece.

We are not invisible

Under the slogan “we are not invisible”, thousands of artists demonstrated in Greece, calling for support measures for cultural workers.

Visualizing humanity

“Visualizing humanity”: the first project by the Network of Contemporary Culture Museums of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports”