Joana’s story in a world of/(ap)art

Joana’s creative path started in the family auditorium, progressing through the church choir, in which she still sings today, the Gólgota amateur theater group, and subsequently the Music Academy of Paços de Brandão, where she studied music for 5 years. Her favorite part has always been singing and when she was 18 she joined a garage band and later co-founded two acoustic duet projects.

Roger Duran Tunes and Xtreme Blues Dog

Roger Duran Tunes is a true musician in every sense of the word, and his current project consists in a one-man band called Xtreme Blues Dog.

Raise your voice – Lyrics

“Raise your voice” is the title of the original song written for the CLOE Project, during the Music Distance Co-creation Lab. This song is the

CLOE Concept Street Musical

One of the main objectives of the CLOE project is the production of a Concept Street Musical, performed in the streets of Italy, Greece and Portugal.

Flying Piano

A unique event with a piano player floating in the air over the Tempi Valley to promote the natural heritage in the area of Central Greece.

Music is a universal language!

As part of Refugee Week Greece, the unaccompanied minors of the KEAN’s Shelter had the opportunity to participate in a pedagogical rehearsal for children who love music.

At night with Luís Rola

The project “À noite com Luís Rola” started in January 2021: an online talk show in which he interviewed a special guest every week, with a piano introduction.

Café Concerto

Café Concerto started as a monthly Instagram live curated by Inês Villadeprat Teixeira and gave a chance to new artists to perform online and on stage.

Interview to Michalis Papageorgiou

Michalis Papageorgiou gave an interview to CLOE platform and talked about music, his students and the crisis in the arts due to the pandemic.

Music Keeps Us Together

Seeing a new online world through music – Fernanda Cabral, Júlio Gonçalves and Maxwell de Castro are three young people who live in Portugal and work in the music field. During the Covid19 pandemic they decided to take a chance on digital performance.