CLOE Concept Street Musical

One of the main objectives of the CLOE project is the production of a Concept Street Musical, performed in the streets of Italy, Greece and Portugal.

A new audience interaction

Discover how Jéssica Tunes found a new way to interact with her audience and transformed her project “Violamos” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grupo Gólgota

The Gólgota Group organizes the Santa Maria da Feira Holy Week yearly and develops several theatrical projects meant to evangelize and convey human values.

An unexpected way of making theater

Carlos is a young artist that, during COVID period, had a new theatrical experience, in which artists go to the audience instead of the opposite.

Theatre of Distances

“Theatre of Distances” reflects on what is close and intimate, as far away as a distant truth.

The Courtyard of Miracles

A special version of the most emblematic work of the modern Greek theatre, in the form of a musical, for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Iakovos Kampanellis.