Kinetic Bodies / Corpi prospettici

The dance performance "Kinetic Bodies" was held in Padova in the framework of the exhibition "L'occhio in gioco".

From the 29 till the 31 of October in the ancient courtyard of Palazzo Bo in Padova the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” hosts the dance performance “Kinetic bodies / Corpi prospettici”.

Artistic direction and coreography are made by Elena della Giustina, dancer and local coreographer, and the show was performed on Marina Apollonio’s opera “Spazio ad attivazione cinetica 6b”, an artistic installation where black and white lines seem to follow each other in a circular, harmonic movement. 

The bodies of the dancers connect the installation with the surrounding environment, creating new shapes and geometries moving through space and time at the rhythm of the music. 

We can watch the dance performance through the Facebook direct of Claudio Sciara, a famous italian comedian with many young followers on TikTok.
Here’s the link:


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