Lígia Lebreiro and Companhia Persona

Lígia Lebreiro is the Artistic Director of Companhia Persona, which she co-founded with Simão Valinho.

The Companhia Persona

Since 2001, the Companhia Persona has been bridging the most different creative and artistic languages on the national stage, with a focus on the performing arts, including Street Theatre, Stage Shows, Multimedia and Multidisciplinary Projects. Using an organic interpretation process, consolidating a specific language.

It prefers to collaborate with entities and organizations both inside and outside of the country, and it has taken part in several festivals and events across the world.


Lígia Lebreiro

Those who know Lígia describe her as a dedicated, creative, and inspiring woman who has always been very involved and passionate about what she does.

She chose art as a career path from an early age. Since she was four years old, Ligia has been involved with music and dance, studying music education, piano, and classical dance. Later, she studied History of Art at the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, got a degree in Music/Piano at the Conservatório de Música do Porto and also studied Classical Dance at the Royal Academy of Dance.


Lígia’s work

Her current activities are incredibly diverse, but they all have one thing in common: ART.

Her current occupation encompasses creative direction, staging and digital arts, as well as choreography, video, video animation and mapping, set design, curatorships, community creation projects, installations, among others.

“O Que Contam as Estátuas”

(Lamas Museum 2019 – Imaginarius Creations), a performance that combines videomapping, music, theater, and contemporary dance in order to bring statues to life and give them a voice, as well as to explore their stories and secrets.

“Deadline Now”

(Imaginarius Festival 2006), “A story of people caught through parallel paths, millions of corridors conveying blind existences”.


which began in 2004 and is still on-going: is a multidisciplinary show by Companhia Persona.


(2019), a live performance combining contemporary dance with videomapping.


a play created by Companhia Persona, for which she worked on the visuals. 

Curation and installation of other entities for Companhia Persona

Companhia Persona during the COVID19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic did not hinder Lígia’s artistic progress or the work developed under the Companhia Persona.

In this period she was involved in projects within this sector such as “Memórias do Palato“, “O Prato“, “Percursos Pedestres do Rio Uíma“, “4.0” (Basqueirart Festival) where, according to the artist, the main challenges were connected to the reformulation of the concept of “presentation” and to adapt this conception to a totally different language directed to a completely different audience.

The online model has always been used by Companhia Persona only for dissemination and not for creation purposes. For the first time, with the creations “Memórias do Palato” and “O Prato”, exclusively digital contents were created.

 The origins of Companhia Persona’s artistic language can be found on stage – whether in a room or on the street – and in direct contact with the audience

Lígia Lebreiro

She strongly believes in the importance of a close three-way relationship (artist – stage – audience), thus she values face-to-face communication and refuses not to believe in the return of pre covid normality.


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