Music is a universal language!

As part of Refugee Week Greece, the unaccompanied minors of the KEAN’s Shelter had the opportunity to participate in a pedagogical rehearsal for children who love music.

The action took place on 22/6/2022 at the Serafio of the Municipality of Athens.

An open and free action was organized for the general public by the multicultural “Orchestra of Kypseli” of El Sistema Greece, in collaboration with the ACCMR – Coordination Centre of the Municipality of Athens for Immigrants and Refugees and the Special Secretariat for the Protection of Unaccompanied Minors of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum.

Children and young people of different nationalities and cultures, who do not speak the same language, learned to play a musical instrument and form a well-tuned orchestra!

We are united by the universal language of music!


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