Rehearsals of a choreography in a public square

Street Musical Italy: choregraphy rehearsal

The Italian team of CLOE is currently working on a choreography for the Concept Street Musical that will take place in Italy.

While the work in the CLOE Distance Co-creation Labs is proceeding, the local teams are working on different performances for the Concept Street Musical tailored for their local context and communities.

The Italian team engaged the students of Scarpette Rosse Dance School to come up with a choreography. The crew worked on a first idea and rehearsed in an open urban space of the city.

Check out the progress in the video below and leave comments if you have suggestions for the team!


Lucia Perin

Raffaella lioce

Young dancers:

Rachele Cabrele

Anna Fabroni

Giada Marinello

Elisa Lazzarini

Vittoria Zin

Sofia Perin

Chiara Gabriotti

Lucrezia Pillan


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