Organi Interni (Internal organs) is a “poetic anatomy“.

The collection analyzes 5 internal organs: brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidney  in an introspective way – by assigning to each of them a symbolic function too.

The Brain section examines thoughts and memories, while the Heart one does the same with  feelings and emotions.

In the Lungs section, words play an important role by loosening a lump in the author’s throat, giving voice to what is inside. Sometimes, this happens also by trying to pull everything out with courage, mostly in the Liver section.

In the Kidney chapter, instead, verses metaphorically transform pain and take it out of the individual.

As you can see, the only thing  all these sections have in common is the poetry that – like a surgeon – examines every detail, opens the organ and  repairs it; leaving sometimes obvious trauma scars.

In this unusual operating theatre, the only intact part of the individual on the table is the soul, almost exhausted. It is a soul that analyze the entire surgery  trying to make sense of all the steps – fully aware of the fact that it will never be completely understood by others, despite the evident marks that the operation left on its skin.

This collection of poems therefore contains the idea that the human being is composed of poetry, a kind of poetry that not only heals and transforms, but also makes the individual “unique” in  its own way- taking into account also the painful scars left by carrying out this evolution process.


Anna Morelli, born in Bibbiena (AR) in 1995, graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the Università per Stranieri di Siena.  In 2018 , she opened a blog called Pane&inchiostro (“Bread & ink”), dealing with reviewing and interpreting novels and collections of poems. She supervised two literary columns for Liria association and participated in some poetry competitions. During the lockdown, she carried out the Quarantena poetica (“Poetic Quarantine”)project, publishing everyday one of her poems on social media. She then took part in the management of the poetry contest A riveder le stelle with Mazzafirra publishing house of Bibbiena. Thanks to this collaboration, Organi interni  was finally released on March 2022.


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