“KEAN” was founded in 2004 in Athens, Greece aiming the development and implementation of humanitarian programs for social and physical environment. Its ultimate goal is upgrading the lives of vulnerable social groups, combating social exclusion and poverty, promoting a better organized society with respect for human rights and the environment and promoting volunteering spirit and familiarity with the new technologies.

Since its foundation, KEAN has gained substantial experience in projects and activities at national and European level, establishing reliable partnerships and collaborations with a range of organizations from the public and private sector. In addition, the organization has actively participated in national programs, designed and managed by national authorities. KEAN has gained significant experience in the development and implementation of educational programs, both at National and European level. KEAN boasts an energetic and rich history of actions and activities and has developed organising skills for the preparation and realisation of a diverse range of projects, including co-organisation of trasnational partnerships with other NGOs & Institutes, worldwide promotion of human values and joint actions for the protection of vulnerable groups.

“Rosto Solidário is a NGO located in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, that received the formal status of non-governmental organization in 2008.  ROSTO SOLIDARIO aims at fostering global citizenship and solidarity by enhancing local communities’ human and social development. RS core principles are civic participation, social integration, solidarity, networking and partnership. The organization scope of work includes four main areas: International Development Cooperation; Global Citizenship Education; Volunteering; and Family-based Social Support. Gender Equity, Human Rights and Social Inclusion are addressed as cross-cutting issues in all programs implemented. Also, Rosto Solidário takes Non Formal Education approaches to foster lifelong learning opportunities following Global Citizenship Framework.”

USMA is a youth association founded in Caselle in 1963. It can count o a multicultural community of about 800 members residing in the province of Padua and employs a staff of about 70 collaborators.  The association’s activities involve many sectors and concern all possible dimensions and interests of the youth world. 

 USMA has organized a real cluster at a local level, creating a wide-ranging network and bringing together different public and private subjects, active in youth services, who collaborate within the cluster, and share problems, solutions, initiatives, and resources. With a particular focus on the last 10 years, USMA has undertaken an action to expand its range of action to fully exploit its potential as a youth aggregator to deal directly with youth policies and promoters of innovative ideas and projects. In fact, the ability to involve young people and promote their active role in society has always been one of USMA’s main priorities. Today USMA role is driven toward social inclusion and civic engagement towards sport and cultural activities. It can be identified as a youth and sport inclusive hub due to the strong commitment in these terms. 

A substantial added value in supporting and helping young people with fewer opportunities arose from the partnership in the context of projects funded by the European Commission. Concerning projects financed by European Union resources, USMA has been a partner and lead partner in several international projects co-financed by the Erasmus program (Erasmus+, Erasmus Sport and REC).