Raise your voice – Concept Street Musical – Portugal

The portugese organization ROSTO is thrilled to present the Concept Street Musical “Raise your voice” produced in Portugal under the framework of CLOE project:

There is a story that unites us all, which is bigger than time and crosses all spaces.

It is made up of the many stories that make up each one of us, that make us human beings, that give us existence and recognition as such.

When we are deprived of the right to a story, we are deprived of the right to be remembered as human beings, turning into numbers, shadows of generic words that define us as part of a concept instead of a singular, unique, unrepeatable existence, with feelings and dreams, with reasons and hopes.

Our common history has always tended to erase the perspectives of many, to take the vision of some as the experience of all.

It is in an attempt not to allow any story to be silenced that we present to you some of the many shadows of some of the achievements that make humanity proudest: the Athenian democracy, which excluded women, slaves and foreigners from the concept of citizen; the Portuguese discoveries, founded in and start of the transatlantic trade of human beings; the Italian multiculturalism, marked by increasingly notorious prejudice and discriminatory attitudes (and policies).

To better define the world we want to build, we need to recognize our mistakes, so that we can better avoid them.”


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