Riccardo Vitali, visual artist

Riccardo Vitali is a visual artist working in Athens.

His interests are focused on the analysis of the concept of Anthropocene from architectonic and urban point of view, the impact between human products, like public space and objects, to natural environment, and the visual representation of that in contemporary culture.

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“Derive di Athina”

Riccardo Vitali expresses his research through the use of mixed techniques and different ways of expression. His work is developed through the use of graphic, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. 

“Derive urbane”

His approach to the artworks is always connected to the location of the exhibitions: he creates a dialogue between himself and the political meaning of the space.


His intent is to not to create a formal abstraction we understand from the western history of art, but, essentially, multiple characters and aspects of contemporary political society.

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“Off-site of the meaning”


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