how submit an article

The aim of the CLOE digital magazine is to promote the cultural and creative industries and young artists, in order to promote their work to a wider audience at national and pan-European level. CLOE Magazine also aims to create a network between artists, cultural and artistic organisations.

Articles can be submitted by young artists, creators and fans of art and culture. Articles will be accepted after review by the editorial team of the CLOE Magazine. The authors themselves are responsible for the content submitted, as well as for the copyright of the content. Articles with offensive or unethical content will not be accepted.

(a) the material to be submitted for publication must be original and must not be the product of publication in whole or in part in another electronic or printed medium,

(b) it should not be in process of publication in another electronic or print medium,

(c) a republished article must include the name of the original author as well as the source of first publication,

(d) Solely responsible for the content of the articles are the authors. The magazine is not responsible for any copyright infringement nor can it control the content of the submitted articles for verbal interception issues.

(e) The authors of articles containing personal interviews or references to artists should have adhered to all ethical principles regarding the collection and promotion of personal data. The authors of the articles have the sole responsibility for the use of this data.

The authors of the articles can withdraw their article at any time by informing the editorial team, through the contact form of the platform.

Articles that contain defamatory statements and references or content that offends one’s personality and work should be avoided and will not be published.

In this version, the authors retain the copyright of the articles they submit and grant the right of first submission under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License, allowing the article to be republished, but citing the source of its first publication. The magazine reserves the right to fully submit and publish the article to a wider audience. In addition, authors are encouraged to publish their work online during the submission process, as it enhances the citations of publications and further dissemination.

The personal data of the registered authors, are only used in the context of publishing content and only under their permission. Authors, if they wish, can publish further information that promotes their artistic work, such as websites, references to their work, etc. The magazine must comply with the protection of personal data in accordance with the relevant national legislation and European Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and to implement the policy of privacy and protection of personal data.

Articles submitted through the website should be in editable format (doc or rtf). The length of the article should not exceed 500 words. The article should be in Arial font with a 12 point font and a spacing of 1.5. The article shall contain the author’s full name, other details, email address, the full title of the article and 3-5 keywords, as well as the category in which they wish their article to appear. The images should be embedded in the article, placed according to the author’s wish. The images should contain a caption with the source of the image or a reference to the original creator, in case the author do not has the copyrights or images are not his/her intellectual property.

CLOE’s editorial teams is responsible for the editing and final approval of the content. Articles should be first approved in order to comply with the general rules of publication of the magazine. Editing does not involve corrections or modifications but minor revisions related to linguistic language. Linguistic corrections are made in individual articles so that they are linguistically sound, without any intention of altering the content or the meaning of the article.

The articles are sent along with the relevant comments to the authors for review and must be resubmitted within ten days from the date of receipt. If the editorial team deems that the author has re-edited the content of his article, they proceed to the immediate publication of the article.

Submissions of other creative content, other than articles, should comply with the same publishing rules as mentioned above. The publication of videos, audio, interviews, should be an original work of the creator. In case of retransmission, the name of the creator, the source of the original publication and the approval of the retransmission must be mentioned, since it is a unique creation of the artist. Authors may publish their own work in video or audio format, provided that it does not contain abusive or immoral content and is not intended to cause moral damages against third parties or legal entities.