The CLOE Platform

If you are new here, you might wonder:

What are the CLOE Platform and the CLOE Web magazine?

Then you are in the right place!
Let’s discover what the CLOE Platform is, what can offer to you and how you can be part of it!

What is the CLOE Platform?

The CLOE Platform is the main online channel of the CLOE project, an Erasmus + project implemented by 3 partners: KEAN from Greece, USMA from Italy and ROSTO from Portugal.

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The aim

Together with the official social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), it represents the main medium used by the CLOE partners to engage with the project target, expand the project network and showcase the artworks of new artists from EU and beyond.

The main objective of the CLOE Platform is to give voice to young creative leaders, by:

  • collecting news regarding different fields of art
  • showcasing youth artworks and innovative creative practices
  • promoting new artists and connecting them between each other
  • sharing ideas and tools to face and overcome challenges in the creative field.

One of the drivers for the creation of the CLOE Platform was, in fact, the need to create a network and support the young artists, in a moment of crisis due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reinvent the creative field, finding new ways to incorporate online performances and practices.

The CLOE Magazine

The core of the CLOE Platform is the CLOE Web Magazine.

It is structured as a BLOG, with a series of categories representing the different art forms, and it collects the contributions of young artists in form of articles or in other visual forms.

The CLOE Web Magazine includes a creative and rich collection of stories, good practices and innovative case studies about art, culture, creativity, music, dance, photography and more, covering a wide audience based in Europe and beyond.

Stories also include new artists presenting their creative work and cultural events, enhancing Europe’s youth potential in the creative and art sector.

If you are a young artist, professional or amateur, and you want to present your work, we want to hear from you!!


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