The homeland of Itzurza

“The homeland of Itzurza” from Alessio Vagaggini is in the bookstore with Chance Edizioni for the Spontaneous Writing series. Born in 1991 and originally from Arezzo, the author has lived between Italy, Belgium, and Spain, dealing with European projects and affairs without neglecting his love for literature.


t is precisely from this passion, combined with a careful observation aimed at Spain and its scenarios that this novel comes to life. The plot is structured around the lives of four women so different from each other but at the same time so close.
We are in Spain in the 1980s, the years in which the country was still tied to secular traditions and values but imposed modernity that did not yet belong to it and for which perhaps it was not ready. ETA claimed independence, Franchism had fallen but is still alive in political and social life. “The homeland of Itzurza was born as a homage to a country, Spain, towards which I have always felt a particular attraction, both for its political events both for the charm of an amazing culture,” Said the author.

“Having lived in Seville has certainly made it easier for me to understand daily life, memory, ideals and all the facets of a country that I have tried to reproduce in the characters that populate the novel. Spain in the 1980s is, in fact, a melting point of ideas (the claims of the periphery against the centre, the transition to democracy after decades of Franchism, the new role of women in an extremely male-dominated society) which here take on an emotional charge that is difficult to find elsewhere. The centrality of the female universe is the core of the entire story, given that the main characters are four women extremely different from each other. “La Patria di Itzurza” tries to investigate the reasons behind the choices of each one, their actions, their ideas, without ever judging, but by delving deeply into human nature and into the sense of existence“.


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