Journey to the Past

In an age where travel is increasingly within our reach, how great would it be if we could take a trip to the past? Wonderful, right?! Today we invite you to discover the “Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria” (Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria)!

Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria

Created in 1996, its 1st edition lasted two days and took place inside the city’s castle. Over the years it has grown, little by little, both in duration and size. This year its 25th edition will be celebrated, during 12 consecutive days, in an area of 33 hectares in the historic center of the city.

It arose with the objective of creating a cultural attraction that would recreate the Middle Ages with extras dressed as the inhabitants of that period and the sale of typical products.

Visitors also have access to live shows, suppers with typical meals (the specialty is spit-roasted pork), and drinks (wine, sangria, and mead). The shows can be small or large-scaled, with music, dance, fire, juggling, and/or theatrical performances

There are also areas for relaxation (massages and spa), animals and specific activities for children.

It is organized by:

  • the City Council of Santa Maria da Feira,
  • the Municipal Company Feira Viva – Culture and Sports,
  • the Federation of Culture and Recreation Collectivities of the County of Santa Maria da Feira.

The Medieval Journey is a true living history lesson, where visitors can be part of the great historical moments recreated. Each edition focuses on a specific moment in the history of the Portuguese Middle Ages, and may address one or several kingdoms. 

25th Edition

In 2019, the Medieval Journey received about 700,000 visitors, and is considered the largest medieval historical recreation event in the country and one of the largest in Europe. It involves the daily effort of more than 2,000 people, 350 of whom are volunteers.

After two years of interruption due to the pandemic, the Middle Ages returns in August with joy, thematic interactive areas, large format shows, parades and history.

This year we will be able to ” reencounter” the kings and queens who were part of the First Dynasty of Portuguese History – of Borgonha or Afonsina.

In 12 days, 9 kingdoms will be represented, from the period between 1143 and 1383, and that have starred in editions of the Medieval Journey between 2010 and 2019.

During these days, the event will host:
areas / activities
areas / activities
large format shows
animation squares

How about it? Excited? See you in Santa Maria da Feira!


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